Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you, frailty; thank you, consequence

This is a bit of abstract prose I wrote on the subject of natural talent. Consider it a break from my usual; a poem of paragraphs.

One thing that I am thankful for is my lack of natural talent.
 I know many naturally-talented people, and in the past, I used to be insanely jealous of them. It was hard watching so many people kick off the starting line like an ostrich running from a lion, leaving me to pat the dust off my shoulder. It was hard watching others succeed quickly at the abilities I wanted to master.

They were the wonderful; the awe-inspiring. I looked up to them; learned from them.

As for myself… I’ve had to work hard to get my abilities and talents. Everything I’ve ever truly desired has been a desperate struggle against my natural ignorance. I have fought against everything to become myself. I wasn't born a rock star. I wasn't born intelligent or a prodigy.

Now, I see natural talent trickling out all around me; leaving the once-omnipotent omnivores alone and unsure of how to progress. They don’t understand the concept of building character. They want to fly without evolving the required aerodynamic body.

It is clear that natural talent only takes a person so far.

From them, there is nothing that fills my eyes with wonder anymore. I’m learning things far beyond them now. It was sad to see you again, but seeing you affirmed the path that I need to take.

Those who don’t leave must stay. Starting nowhere taugh
t me the climb. The top of the wall taught you to look down. Our necks strain either way.

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The Abstract Late Night Drabble About Love.

I feel like I should type something meaningful into this box tonight. Something about the weirdness of life. The depth of the spiral. I want to say that you can be anything you want; do anything you want, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes you just can’t have your desires unfold. Sometimes you can, always. I suppose it depends upon the desire. This is all so abstract, I know.
Does the person with no desires left have a reason to keep living? I’m not that person, which is why I’m asking. Everyone wants something or another, right? Possessions, relationships, experiences, conceptual achievements, intellectual property. I suppose we could also say legacy. Is a stake in a company like a stake in the soil? I wouldn’t know. I don’t own any sort of either.

  I do have graffiti scratched under desks, dead skin cells stomped into carpets, photographs posted online. What is anyone but eternal these days? Will someone delete my blogs someday? Even Xanga survives, barely. What am I getting at? Something about desire, legacy, dandruff?