Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Twitter Short Stories: An Odd Osment Moment

I randomly wrote a short story on Twitter the other day. I was creatively inspired after watching a weird movie on Netflix. It was fun to make these tweets so I might do this again in the future!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fallout November

My last blog was Oct 20th, so here’s all that’s happened since:

I switched to a different position at my job, and it’s awesome. I get paid to watch movies on Fridays, now. Also, I have some of the students that I had a long time ago, and it’s good to have them back.

I spent Halloween handing out candy and showing off my new Cerberus animatronic. It was great.

I went to a Halloween+Thanksgiving+Birthday party with a ton of people I don’t know. Sometimes I’m great at sinking into a new group, sometimes I’m awful. This time, I was OK. I chatted with my friend’s girlfriend about Mario Kart and other games, and I met a few people I’ve seen around town but never have spoken to. Also, I saw Corey of Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship dressed as Burt Reynolds from SNL’s parody of Celebrity Jeopardy.

BTW, if you don’t know what Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship is, watch:

So awesome! I love this band. They have the best audience engagement ever.

I had dreams about farming and raising bees, Five Nights At Freddy’s haunted houses, Bloodraven from ASOIAF, and one where my house slid down a giant mudslide.

I got Fallout 4, also. It’s from my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE game developer, Bethesda Games Studios. It’s amazing.

My mom had a birthday, and I got her a light-up Three Kings for her Nativity set.

My buddy came into town and we did some Christmas shopping. He told me about his new girlfriend, who seems to be truly awesome.

I took a paid-time-off day and began a new artistic project.

As of typing this right now, I’m about to go on a field trip to a circus with my school. I love getting paid for doing fun things. Today is going to be great. It’s only a three day week, too, as Thanksgiving is coming and then a 4-day weekend. How nice!

Anyway, I wanted to save this for the end. The Paris attacks that happened on 11/13/15 shook the world. What an awful thing to happen to humanity. I will never understand what kind of brainwashing people who become terrorists must go through to think that mass murder is necessary. Nobody ever thinks of the terrorists, but I can’t imagine what has been done to them to twist them so badly into doing such evil. They can’t be sane any longer. I couldn’t imagine killing a person under any circumstance, much less training and being brainwashed my whole life to kill people. Paris is such a tragedy, and I wish them peace.

Thanks for keeping up with me! You can find me @Oxyborb on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Looking forward to November

I get so excited about the Halloween season that I start it around August 20th, when the Halloween shops open. Now, I can't stop thinking about Christmas.

I know. I'm ridic. 

But November is going to rock for me. My favorite game-maker, Bethesda, is releasing Fallout 4. As a school teacher, I get Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving (+Friday) off. I took a PTO day on the 18th, as well. Meaning, I only have one 5 day week in November. Two four-dayers, and one three dayer.

There's also a field trip to a circus that Thanksgiving week, so that'll feel more like a 2-dayer. Then it's straight on until Christmas, which is 11-days of paid relaxation. HOW NICE!

But, I love Halloween. I do. It's nice that it's on a Saturday. I'm excited to wear a costume to school (I'm thinking of going as Gargamel, since I have a student that loves Smurfs). Last week, I went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. There's nothing better than wandering around a pumpkin patch. I might go this weekend, just for fun. 

Still, November is the month I'm excited for.

In other news, last weekend I was a monster in a haunted trail for cub scouts. I do this every year, but it was still really fun. The stars were out that night. I realized that it had been a long time since I've seen them, and it was refreshing. It reminded me how small earth is, in the scope of things. How many planets and stars are out there! 

My time has been freeing up lately. I've been so, so busy since August. It's nice to be able to consider more about life than just work. I have more time for art. I began rereading Half-Blood Prince. Haha.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I don’t watch TV. I don’t have a phone.


I’ve been opening up to my co-workers lately, and they all think I’m a conundrum. How does someone exist in 2015 that doesn’t watch TV or have a cell phone? I guess I’m weird.

When I moved back from Seattle, I shut my Washington-based line down and I didn’t replace it. I have a phone, two in fact. I have my old Droid and an iPhone that I got for free after a family member got an upgrade. I wanted it to listen to podcasts in my car.

I could activate it, I guess. I have far more than enough money (I’m making more $ than I ever have before). I have a buffed out savings account. There’s nothing holding me back. I just don’t want to because I hate phones.

I hate being contacted no matter where I go. I hate constant texting, that constant reassurance that one is loved. I hate how technology puts up walls between people to interact in the real world. Phones are shields blocking families from talking to each other at dinner. Phones are dividers between spouses while they lie in bed at night. Phones have replaced bikes, walking sticks, and the outdoors in general for children. Phones are obsessions.

btw, Happy Halloween
I hate how constant digital connection makes us all disconnected from the lives in front of us. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t miss having a phone.



Someone literally described how they loved watching the Kardashians when I told them I don’t watch TV. They told me I’m missing out. Maybe I am. I wouldn’t know.

I don’t hate TV as passionately as I do phones; I just think it’s boring.

I studied literature. I am an aspiring writer, and I research tropes and plot lines to avoid. I tear apart storytelling so I can learn how to be good at it myself. And TV is boring for it. I can predict almost any televised fiction.

Reality TV, on the other hand, is boring to me too. I hate “voted off the island” situations. I hate heavy competitions, and people unrealistically speaking into a camera after the event happened. It’s not reality. It’s artificial reality. It’s planned and programmed and cut up and put back together. It’s forced drama and cliffhangers.

I watch Game of Thrones, I’ll admit. Although, it’s more like a movie, and the writing is good because it is based off an amazing book series. That’s 10 episodes of watching a year I do.

I know, I'm not a normal person, but I don't feel like I'm alone. 

Leave a comment if you don't use a phone or tv and tell me why. I want to know who else is out there like me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Year of Daily Writing (not on this blog)

Today I achieved one year of writing down something from my life each day onto a calendar book that I got from a random credit union.

It’s really cool to remember things like my dream about a haunted centipede tattoo or that one guy who dressed up as Colonel Mustard at that Halloween party. I logged sad memories about a college buddy passing away and that day I got hit by a tornado while on Green Mount Road. This past year, I marched in a parade for a congressman, went 37 days without caffeinated beverages (…COFFEE…), saw a musical comedy in Chicago, road tripped to SOHO music fest, and pranked about a million telemarketers (and one very unsuspecting AT&T U-verse door-to-door dude).

Weird to see so much of it bunched up in a paragraph like that.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

My Wild Random Road Trip to Chicago

My weekend was wild. Absolutely wild.

a fantastic band
So, a week ago I posted on Facebook that I had a week off from my job (I work at a school, on break between summer and spring sessions). One of my old college friends responded. She had the idea to go to the zoo, so we did. It was great, but that’s not the wild part.

I got another response from my buddy, and he wanted to go on a random road trip. I thrive on weirdness and spontaneity, so I said yes. We left two days later (Thursday). 

touching a manta ray
He had a friend in an awesome band called Jetpack Hotline (check’em out!) and we went to their show, in a bar called Original Mother’s. It was a wild show. Beforehand, we had crawled around the city and rode the train. Somehow, we talked with a hundred locals and laughed with them. Everywhere we went we met people randomly.

The next day we drove out to the Navy Pier and then walked around the city. We drank coffee from a few places, and I had AMAZING donuts from a place called Stan’s Donuts. We walked to the Cloud Gate and then to Shedd Aquarium. We took the water taxi from there back to the Pier and finally partied there for awhile. 

good breakfast
We stayed the night at a friend from high school’s place and jammed out with his roommates. We went to a Spy Store, and checked out a bunch of weird spy gear you can buy. The next day we did coffee and then visited an old friend who used to run ITP (my old theatre company). We caught up, did a random hike, and talked with his fantastic girlfriend about dinosaur sign language and compared swords…

After that, I met my traveling bud’s college friends at a pub, and we ate lunch (I had brussel sprouts). We then went to a hilarious musical comedy called “Cupid Has A Heart On” and then went out clubbing. We danced until 3am and were brought up to V.I.P.P. status, which was crazy. I don’t even want to write all the crazy things that brought us up there. It was a fantastic night, though. 

this exists
Cloud Gate
I finally drove home on Sunday, detouring to a few random small towns, and then went through the hundreds of pictures we took. There are so many things that happened that I don’t want to type out here, but I will say that everything was amazing and random.

It’s just so awesome to have gone on vacation without a single bad thing happening. Nothing went wrong. Heck, even traffic and parking was OK. We did a good mix of touristy and not-so-touristy things. We walked the middle of the city and the neighborhoods in the outer districts. We hiked the waterfront and took a ride on a boat. We ate authentic food and homemade local affairs. We surfed the couches of a different person each night. It was so cool. I will remember this as one of the best experiences of my life. 

I'm in this photo with my hand held up
A big thank you to the awesome people that hosted me and my buddy for the nights we stayed, and also to the roommates (and one friendly dog) who allowed us into your homes. I also want to say how very lucky I feel to have met and interacted with so many new people over the course of the weekend. The bandmates/groupies, the random people at that Irish pub, the girlfriends, the random club bouncers, the college friends, that guy playing Ms. Pac-Man, and everyone else. It was a pleasure.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Lots of storms in the Midwest. A big part of one of my trees fell over.

Much of my life in July has been trying to set myself into a good routine. I've been eating right, working out, and writing every day.

I'm not great at routine, because I love variety. I guess that's the hardest part. 

The only thing that knocked me off my routine (and he would have said it's no excuse) is that I had a friend pass away recently. He had an awful condition. It really hurts me to think that someone the same age as me is gone because of a disease. It sucks, truly. 

I feel like he could pop up on facebook at any moment and say something snarky to me. I will miss him. I'm going to his visitation today. It's going to be so weird. He would hate the whole thing. He was a metalhead, so any emotional shindig would have made him cringe.

This selfie I took is of my new Fallout 4 shirt. I love Bethesda games so I had to jump on this. It's cool looking, but the material is sorta cheap and it doesn't feel like the size I bought it in. Maybe I should just focus on losing the weight, right? Hah.

This month is going to go by fast. July is summer session at the school I work for, so we don't have any Fridays this month. All four-day weeks. It's really nice. Then we get a little break in August. More time to write, for me. It's not all gloom and doom, I suppose.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

SOHO 2015 – Music Festival in Springfield

I drove up with a buddy to a music festival the other weekend. It was fantastic. 

 My friend's band played. They're called, White Collar Recession. It was their first show and they played like they've been doing this for years together. 

My other friend was a director of the event, and he did an awesome job putting it together. This was a big deal! They shut down a huge chunk of downtown for it!

I also saw The Sun and the Sea, which have a few locals I've played with in my old bands. They were awesome! They sold their CDs for 2 bucks each. A steal.

In the middle of the day, I took a self-guided tour of Springfield, just for kicks. I met this guy, Abraham. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Last Two Months

a panel I went to
This is just a life update post.

The big thing going on is that I suddenly took on a bunch of new responsibilities at work. I was put into a position where I’m making almost all of the decisions for my classroom. I’m working on meeting goals for my students and restructuring a room. It’s been tough work, and I’ve been super busy lately.
met this dude
I went to Comic Con over the weekend, and I met a few cool people. Charles Martinet, Phil Lamar, Tara Reid, George Romero. It was fun, but I have been realizing that I don’t have many friends that are nerds like I am. Really. I mean, I’ve got friends. I like them a lot. We just don’t share the same interests. I went to Comic Con alone because of that, and it made me realize that I need more nerdy friends.

I dreamt that I figured out an online glitch to rig the Russian election, so I made myself the President of Russia. I got sworn in over Skype and they sent me a big desk to work behind. I dreamt that I wrote a facebook status about it, something like, "So, I'm the President of Russia, does that mean I can wear one of those ear-flap hats?" Then I began getting paranoid that the Russian government would take me out for the ruse, and that's when I woke up. It was an odd dream. 

saw this dude
I saved a raccoon’s life. Haha. It was trapped and hurting, and I lifted up a branch and let it run free. It seemed to be find once I got it un-stuck.

I suppose the last thing that was big for me the last few months has been Smash Bros.. I went to a tournament and didn’t lose. Also, I had two blog posts go semi-viral. Check them out, here and here! It was fun to create them, and I’ve gotten more views on those posts than on all of my other blogs combined. I had thousands of views a day for a while.

Looking forward, I have plans to go to a Renaissance Festival and the SOHO music fest. This is happening during my two week summer break, so it should be fun. My school is year round, but we do get two weeks off for summer between sessions. I’m looking forward to E3 and spending some time writing my book.

Saturday, April 25, 2015



I took a few pictures of the moon with my camera one morning. The sky was just too creepycool not to.

Lately I've been thinking of the moon. She just doesn't get how badly it's going for her. The sun feeds into her insanity. The sun shines and smiles and gives in. The moon learns the love the darkness, to shut the door, to lock herself in. The sun complies, because the sun enjoys a quiet sky. The moon makes waves, though, sends the tide over the docks. The sun complies. The sun cut a slot to put food under the door. The sun changes the moon's chamber pot and stocks her fallout shelter's minifridge. The waves, the Earth, we can do nothing. Outer space is just not our place. The stars are too far to hear. They dot the sky like ants and do not see. The clouds come, and you know the storm follows. The sun hides and waits it out and does nothing. Go back inside.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flies in my Brain Web

Here are 10 random things that I have been giving my attention to lately:

a random sketch from the other day
1. My sweet, wonderful, old lady neighbor fell and broke her wrist and hip. I visited her in the hospital the other day. She’s OK, but hates being there.

2. Someone asked me if they could eat my sleeves.

3. I went to the Impractical Jokers liveshow. I had never seen the show, but a friend wanted people to go with and it sounded fun. It was.

4. Incubus’s new song, “Trust Fall” is incredible. My brain has been singing it constantly.

5. My muscles have noticeably gotten bigger from lifting weights since October. I drank muscle milk for the first time yesterday.

6. I was forced to watch a Madea movie for the first time. I did not enjoy it.

7. I recently finished off the last two of Skyrim’s DLC trophies. I can’t believe I’m still playing this game.

8. I’ve been rereading A Song of Ice and Fire. I’ve been listening to podcasts about theories and stuff. I’m obsessed.

9. I had a dream that my bank was trying to get my to invest in mummified dogs as assets.

10. Apparently, telemarketers don't like it when you use a robot voice:

"Sir, you're not a robot."

"Beep. Yes. I. Am."

"Um... sir?"

"Push. One. To. Speak. To. A. Live. Person."

They push 1.

"Beep. Incorrect. Button. Press. Now Transferring. To. Optimus Prime." *drops into a deeper pitch* "We must defeat Megatron."

"F$#& you." They hang up.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reverberations of Partition

When I first moved to Seattle, it was like setting off into amnesia.

I had spent my entire life in an Illinois town called Belleville, 2135 miles from where I resettled in the state of Washington. I moved up there with one person, but I didn’t know a single other. I could walk into the grocery store and not bump into my high school history teacher or my friend-from-boyscout’s den mother or that drunk guy that always showed up to local band shows. My reflections of the past did not matter in Seattle. Every step I took was a new one. Every road I turned onto was a discovery. I was in a world that had the echoes of the society I had grown up in, but it was not anything I could truly recognize.

I would see strangers that looked exactly like people I knew from home. Wow, there’s _______, how did they get here? Oh wait.

I would enter my old brain—which had split to compensate my new life, a partition of my gray matter hard drive—and for a second the world would seem as though Belleville was bleeding from the walls and I could smell the fresh dung on the cornfields. The fact that people could be so similar yet exist in two different cultures and parts of the world perplexed me. I recognized them in a vague way, yet I never had known them.

I moved back to Belleville about two years ago. Last night I saw someone at Target that reminded me of a person I knew in Seattle, and I had the inverse unminded effect. After two years of being in Seattle, I began to know plenty of people. A new culture had formed on the partition. So seeing this mirror twin of the guy I knew but will probably never see again had that same effect.

The two worlds blended for that moment, and it was almost natural to see him. Of course, he loved Target and would be there! No, wait, he’s 2135 miles away. How could it be?

Looking into water, you can see yourself like a mirror. Toss in a pebble, however, and your reflection ripples and you aren’t yourself. Something is off. Something isn’t quite right. You bend.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I've been up to...

Being a teacher means I had a Christmas break, and that’s where I’ll start: I got to spend time with my family for a party, and then with friends from my old theatre group at another. I went to a Farmer’s Tan Market show, and there I saw about a million people that I only ever communicate with through facebook nowadays. It was really fun. 

my filmmaker friend and I
I really enjoyed having money for Christmas. I bought my family gifts, for once. I’ve always been too poor to buy my family much, but this year I went all out. I love giving sooooo much more than receiving, and so this year was a big deal for me. The best gift I bought was a book called Crap Taxidermy for my cousin. The other best gift I got was PEZ for my family, in memory of my grandma. My gran used to get PEZ every year. The worst candy in the world, but you have to love your grandma for it!

So, past Christmas, I spend New Year’s at my friend’s new apartment, and there I also won my first game of poker. My break ended in January and I managed to get this book I wrote read through for edits.

Back to work, my first week was marred by cold that kept kids home (which made my day easy). I also gave my own feedback on a book and read many others. January was a little boring, but it’s been a month of looking forward, reading, and working.

the singer of Farmer's Tan Market and myself
Forward: I started some plans for taking a day to go skiing next month, camping this summer, and potentially doing some theatre-related stuff. I also have a count on the number of days until my Spring Break: 42 working days, 18 weekend/days off, so 60 total. I get 9 days off for Spring Break in March, so I’m planning to get my book near the finishing line so that I can begin submitting it later this year (hopefully around July).