Thursday, October 13, 2016

Election Update 2: WHO WILL I VOTE FOR?

I posted about the primaries awhile back and said I would do an update for the general. Well, here it is, my last post about the 2016 election (barring any major shakeups).

In case you couldn’t work it out from my personality, I’m a Democrat. I know, shocking. Why would anyone expect a theatre-loving musician, writer, and artist to be an Obama fan?

But hey… I’m the kind of person who can speak to people I don’t politically match with. Some great people I know are Republican, and we can chat politics without hating each other.

Just had to say that. My personal PSA. I don’t hate you if you’re a Trump voter. 

If you get angry when you find out that someone supports a different political person than yourself, then please close your browser window. This blog is not for you.