Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Return of the Hair

Me and this dude grew our hair out in high school. We've both had shorter cuts since then, but we both have the hair back and it's cool. I'm the ginger, btw.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Being thankful

Every year my friend does a "Thanksgiving After Thanksgiving" to bring friends together. It's so awesome to know such a great cast of people.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

h a l l o w

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Twitter Short Stories: 4th of Fortune

The 4th of July is a holiday that I like every other year. Sometimes I feel like seeing fireworks, sometimes I just want to pop a movie in and hide (although, when you live in a suburb, there is no getting away from it). This year, I just wanted to make dumb jokes on Twitter, so that's what I did. Enjoy!


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Life Got Crazy

After posting a big life update on May 20th, everything just seemed to happen all at once. 

I drove three hours north to write songs with my friend. Then there was LOGfest the next weekend. Met Abe Lincoln. Big music festival another one of my friends runs. My tire went flat from a nail. Then there was E3 week, which is nerd funland.

Then my Mac died and I had to buy a new PC. Then there was Comic Con. Also, I did a 24/hour new play festival called The Identity Show with my theatre group called PRIME. Oh, and I got offered (and I accepted) a new job teaching English, setting up a recording studio, and doing technical theatre in STL. So, now, I’m planning a move across the river (I’m in Illinois), lessons for the next school year, and I have to talk to the Missouri education system to get my license transferred.


My life has been extremely busy, and now I’m about to go through a massive life change. New job, new apartment, new life. It’s crazy atm.

Here are a few pics from the madness (enjoy!): 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Life Update, Jan through May


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about what’s been going on with me on here, so here it is, the first part of my 2017, blogged:

First, gorram Donald Trump became president. Not even gonna go into that.

The Women’s March on Washington made me proud, however. That was one of the biggest events/protests in my lifetime, if not the biggest. The most important political event since Ferguson.

I helped a friend move, went to another friend’s surprise party, went to the zoo with another friend, and went out with friends from work.

Oh yeah, then I quit my job. I loved ICA, but it was time for a life change. I think my co-workers and management misses me, though.

I got a tooth pulled, lol. Fun! Actually, it wasn’t so bad.

My band friends and I decided to do a new album, too. I’ve been making music again, feels good.

I finished the hardest edit I’ve ever done on my novel, and I also queried my first agents. I’m excited!

I completed a new 24/hour New Play Festival, and it was amazing. A great time!

I watched that giraffe, April, have her baby, LIVE. Went to a cards game with that friend I helped move soon after, and I got to see her finished apartment! Looks awesome! Helped my cousin who was stranded without a car, and that lead to a job interview.

Worked hard on the sequel to my novel, expanded the world quite a bit. Also, went to a show at my old high school, Little Shop of Horrors. They did an excellent job.

I suppose that leads to where I am now, sitting here typing. At the moment I’m planning on doing a songwriting weekend and another weekend at a music festival. Then there’s E3, Comic Con, and another 24/hour New Play Fest. June is loaded up! It’s an exciting time for me, right now. After June, July will be quieter, but then it ramps up again through October. 

So, life

Life’s good. I’m in a good point. I’m doing important, meaningful things every single day. I feel motivated. I’m busy. I’m pushing myself to new limits. I can’t complain. The future is bright. 

So far I’m going through a big transition into the unknown, but it’s not a scary unknown but an adventure. I have no idea where I’ll be at in a year. I don’t know where I’ll be living. I don’t know what I’ll be doing (other than writing). I could be anywhere.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fly up into sky - Pranking telemarketers

I love pranking telemarketers. To be clear, I never call them to prank them. I prank them when they call me and annoy me for my time. Half of telemarketers are just scams anyway, so I love being "that weird call" they had during the day.

*Telemarketer calls me*

Telemarketer - Hello, is this David? Yes? Hello?

Me - Uhyesssss. Allo, oui?

Telemarketer - Hello, I'm from _________ Car Insurance, can I tell you about how I can save you money today?

Me - Of course.

Telemarketer - What's your address?

Me - *ignores question* Can you cover me? Uhyes?

Telemarketer - Tell me, what kind of car do you have?

Me - Ford.

Telemarketer - Ford what?

Me - Helllliiiicopterrrrr.

Telemarketer - Excuse me?

Me - Ford Escort.

Telemarketer - Oh, right, I see--

Me - Ford Escort Helllliiiicopterrrrr..

Telemarketer - Did you just say helicopter?

Me - Uhyes. That's right, a Ford.

Telemarketer - Like an automobile?

Me - Uhyes, autohelicoptermobile

Telemarketer - You have two vehicles? A Ford Escort and a helicopter?

Me - No, I have button, push, then the blades make helllliiiicopterrrrr, fly up into the sky.

Telemarketer - You drive an Escort on the road.

Me - Uhyes, drive on road, push button, blades, fly up into the sky. One vehicle.

Telemarketer - That's impossible. Are you joking me?

Me - No. Now, my address is ______. My zip code is 62220.

Telemarketer - Ok, well we have the lowest rates in the Belleville area--

Me - And my skycode is 7229.

Telemarketer - A what?

Me - For fly up into sky. My skycode.

Telemarketer - Okay. Can I mail you a package on our newest rates?

Me - Uhyes, of course.

Telemarketer - So your name is David? Spelled D-A-V-I-D?

Me - Correct.

Telemarketer - Your last name is Aye? A-Y-E?

Me - No.

Telemarketer - Oh, can you please spell it?

Me - H

Telemarketer - Ok

Me - E

Telemarketer - Ok

Me - L

Telemarketer - Ok

Me - I

Telemarketer - Ok

Me - C-O-P-T-E-R

Telemarketer - Oh lord *hangs up*

-update ROUND 2-

Telemarketer - *calls me* Hello, I'm Jean from _______. Just so you know, this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. I'm calling you today--

Me - And just so you know, I am recording this call as well.

Telemarketer - That's fine, sir. I'm calling today to let you know that my company's truck will be in your neighborhood picking up large appliances and electronics for recycling and disposal --

Me - How would you like to be a voice actor in my next animated flick? Please, if you could, say "Waffle cone"

Telemarketer - Waffle cone.

Me - That's good, but if you could say it a bit angrier. WAFFLE CONE!

Telemarketer - WAFFLE CONE! My company is offering a chance to get rid of appliances for free. What can I call you Mister..?

Me - The Director.

Telemarketer - [...]

Me - []

Teletmarketer - Do you have any thing that needs being picked up?

Me - OK, so you're an evil ice cream man, and this kid is bothering you for pistachio almond. Say, "That will be two dollars and fifty cents!" with gusto.

Telemarketer - I don't think you're interested. *hangs up*

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Best-of Me Around the Internet (Part 1)

I do a lot of stuff online that isn’t on this blog, so I thought I’d do a best-of sort of post that highlights some of my favorite art/writings/blogs/videos/etc. that I have up around the net. 

First up is from my tumblr, which is dedicated to all the sketches and drawings I do. I felt inspired to draw a preying mantis one day, and I love the way I positioned its limbs. What do you think?

Oxyborb is my gamertag, but I also named my nerd-culture blog it. One of the most popular posts I’ve written was about Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. This mega-sized blog has tons of illustrations done by me!


From the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U Mega Blog


So, I think Animal Crossing deserves 3 character slots. I think each could be a unique, non-clone character. I think Tom Nook should have a Red skin. Shovel Knight would be an amazing 3rd party addition. Dillon needs to be upgraded from Assist Trophy. Ridley is not too big, so shut up. Skull Kid would be wicked. Impa could be a heavier Sheik. I want the giant blue pig version of Ganon to be a character, separate from Ganondorf. Petey Piranha is still one of my favorite ideas, using tornadoes and slime as attacks. Nintendo needs to purchase every aspect of Super Mario RPG, and then Geno needs to have a new game made starring him (see pun for details) and a spot on the roster. King K. Rool is more interesting than Dixie.

My music at Soundcloud!

I’m also a songwriter. I wrote an album and two of my buddies helped me perform and record it. One of my favorite songs is here for your listening pleasure.


My song, Explicit:

 A Poet’s Revolver is a blog all about my life and thoughts and other stuff. I post photos and tell stories about events. One of those posts was about the time I and a friend went to Chicago and basically partied and went nuts every night.


From the My Wild Random Road Trip to Chicago:


We stayed the night at a friend from high school’s place and jammed out with his roommates. We went to a Spy Store, and checked out a bunch of weird spy gear you can buy. The next day we did coffee and then visited an old friend who used to run ITP (my old theatre company). We caught up, did a random hike, and talked with his fantastic girlfriend about dinosaur sign language and compared swords… After that, I met my traveling bud’s college friends at a pub, and we ate lunch (I had brussel sprouts). We then went to a hilarious musical comedy called “Cupid Has A Heart On” and then went out clubbing. We danced until 3am and were brought up to V.I.P.P. status, which was crazy. I don’t even want to write all the crazy things that brought us up there. It was a fantastic night, though.

The Unraveler’s Atlas is a monthly creative experiment I do. Each month, I create a new fantastical beast that I might use (or already have used) in my fiction writing. 


From Arbuscula:


The Arbuscula is a sentient tree creature. It has four spiderlike legs and a great maw of a mouth. Some of the leaves are light-sensitive, which give the arbuscula a sense of sight. Arbuscula come in a variety of appearances and several different tree-breeds have been discovered. Although they are very hostile, they will often sit quietly and wait until their enemies leave. Any small-sized prey, however, will be killed if the risk is low enough.

My first name is David, but my pen name is Harrison Aye (my middle name). My ultimate goal in life is to become a novelist and create worlds for readers to explore. The Unraveler is the novel I’m focusing on, so this blog is themed after it. But I post other writings on it as well. What I’m sharing here is a short story fan fic set in the Harry Potter universe. While that sounds lame, this is a story I was forced to write because the idea I had was so good that it screamed at me to come out. It’s not like other fan fic, but set in the past with characters well before any of the main book series.


From The King of Azkaban:


     “So, why don’t you leave, then?” the ruined man asked. He looked a dementor himself, wearing a ratty black cloak over his striped garb and having a face so sunken it barely existed at all.

     “Erik, as I have told you many times before, I have as much left to go to as you do,” Sirius Black responded. “I’m old, hurting.”

     Erik coughed and laughed at the same time. “As much as I had, you have now. Azkaban is my home, my doom.”

     “Is that why the dementors leave you alone?” Sirius asked.

     “No, my friend. They leave me alone for the opposite reason that they ignore you.”      “Because I can transform into a dog?”   “Dogs, like yourself, are innocent, subjects to their upbringing.”

     “If you’re the opposite of innocent, then you’re guilty. You’re not the only one here who is.” Sirius laughed into his hands.

     “No, I’m not, but I hold regret and desire punishment for my crimes, which is the opposite of knowing that you’ve been wrongly accused. I am a ruined man, and I made myself this way. I have no emotions to feed them.”

     “What did you do that was so bad?” Sirius asked.

     Erik raised a bony white arm and pointed out the narrow slit in the stone.      Sirius did not bother to squint and peer through. Erik meant the dementors. What else could be out there? “What about them?”      “It’s quite the tale.”      “I have time, obviously,” Sirius said, stretching his arms and folding them behind his head. “I’m stuck here, the same as you, Erik.”

     “Only I am stuck, and Erik isn’t my name. It’s Ekrizdis, and I’m nearly eight hundred years old.”

     And so Ekrizdis told his story, and Sirius listened.

Christmas in the STL

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Every 2016 Movie I Saw, Ranked

Note: I only saw Fantastic Beasts, The Jungle Book, and Rogue One in theatres. The rest were bought, borrowed, or Netflix’d. Kids movies were likely seen at the school I teach at.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Batman: The Killing Joke
Rogue One
The Jungle Book
Captain America: Civil War
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
X-Men: Apocalypse
The Divergent Series: Allegiant

So, a blurb here: I love Harry Potter very, very much. FB&WtFT was wonderful for me because I am prone to being absorbed into the wizarding world. Nothing compared to it, mostly for that reason. Deadpool surprised me. I don’t usually like ultra-violence, but the humor was so well crafted and you could feel the love the filmmakers put into this. Ryan Reynolds wanted this very badly, and it shows. He did a fantastic job. I only hope the sequel isn’t “corporatized” to the point of losing the soul that made the first one so great.

The Killing Joke wasn’t perfect, but it is great. I love that they got the classic voice cast back to do it. Mark is the perfect Joker, for realz. Rogue One was flashy and action-fun, but I didn’t think the story or characters were that inspired. I loved that robot, though. The Jungle Book, I saw, on a date that ended badly, but I enjoyed the music and the CGI was gorgeous. CA: Civil War surprised me because nobody of importance dies, which felt wrong, somehow. Also, I didn’t really get why Cap and Iron Man were fighting. Seems like the issue could have been solved another way. Batman V Supes… well, Ben Affleck was great but the story was overlong and Wonder Woman was only in it for the Justice League. X-men was fun but crazy. Zootopia’s drug-trafficking theme felt odd in a kids’ movie. Allegiant is like Hunger Games but with a thicker romance.


I also wanted to post this small thing. It’s a website that turns scribbles into cats and other stuff. Just thought it was funny:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Some of the big things I did in 2016

My last post focused on the future, so this one will look at the past. Here is a list of stuff I did with this past year:

Went to a Lord of the Rings marathon.
Enjoyed Shovel Knight on a snow day.
Was sad over having a neighbor die.
Went to Silvercreek several times with coworkers.
Paid off my car.
Reread Deathly Hallows on a snow day.
Got rear-ended on my way to work.
Voted in the primaries.
Rewrote several chapters of my novel.
Had a date where she was being stalked.
Went into a black barber shop and got stares.
Saw White Collar Recession (local band) play at the Fairview Lounge.
Went through a school’s “field day” stuck inside for rain.
Participated in Art on the Square.
Went to SOHO Music Festival.
Played a ton of The Witcher 3 DLC.
Enjoyed E3 presentations.
Attended a birthday celebration for my aunt where they rented out a box for the Grizzlies.
A witch gave me an evil monkey charm.
I went to my friend’s birthday party.
Sung the Golden Girls theme, while pushing a guy out in a wheelchair on his last day of work before retiring.
Chatted with my friend Joe at Gamestop and caught up.
Went to a Retro Gaming Convention with my cousin.
Went to Archon convention.
Went to Pixelpop convention.
Bought a cell phone.
I cut my long hair off, first time my hairs been this short in about 8 years.
Wrote consistently in a journal everyday.
Took a solo trip to Ren Fest.
Watched presidential debates.
Took a solo trip to Eckert’s farm and fed goats.
Had a train derail near my house.
Went on a field trip with my school to an orchard.
Acted as a monster on a haunted trail.
Went to a one man circus show.
Participated in a 24-hour new play festival with PRIME.
Voted and lost.
Saw Fantastic Beasts and loved it.
Went to Thanksgiving with my cousin and played with his kids.
Went to Mexican lunch the day after Thanksgiving with my friends, and then went to a party with my other friends after.
Had a fun moment where my mother and I both bought each other the same book because we both thought the other would like it.
Got inspired by a coworker to do better.
Enjoyed Christmas where my uncle surprised everyone by coming in as Santa.
Played PS VR Batman when my friend let me borrow it.
Went to Rogue One with the fam.
I wrote 48+ blog posts.
Spent New Years helping a friend get his computer fixed.
Went an entire year without MacDonalds or Taco Bell or much fast food at all.

2016 was not the best year, but it had highlights. I kept busy. I had adventures and enjoyed time with friends and family. I got stuck in routine, though, and I need to work on that. I’m not happy with the election results, obviously, but at least it will be interesting. 

 Looks forward to 2017, I hope to make some big changes. Also, I MUST finish editing my book. No question, I will. I’m almost there. I hate how much my job gets in the way at me doing something I’m legit good at. I’m an artist, and that’s what I want to focus on this next year.
2015's accomplishments