Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Some of the big things I did in 2016

My last post focused on the future, so this one will look at the past. Here is a list of stuff I did with this past year:

Went to a Lord of the Rings marathon.
Enjoyed Shovel Knight on a snow day.
Was sad over having a neighbor die.
Went to Silvercreek several times with coworkers.
Paid off my car.
Reread Deathly Hallows on a snow day.
Got rear-ended on my way to work.
Voted in the primaries.
Rewrote several chapters of my novel.
Had a date where she was being stalked.
Went into a black barber shop and got stares.
Saw White Collar Recession (local band) play at the Fairview Lounge.
Went through a school’s “field day” stuck inside for rain.
Participated in Art on the Square.
Went to SOHO Music Festival.
Played a ton of The Witcher 3 DLC.
Enjoyed E3 presentations.
Attended a birthday celebration for my aunt where they rented out a box for the Grizzlies.
A witch gave me an evil monkey charm.
I went to my friend’s birthday party.
Sung the Golden Girls theme, while pushing a guy out in a wheelchair on his last day of work before retiring.
Chatted with my friend Joe at Gamestop and caught up.
Went to a Retro Gaming Convention with my cousin.
Went to Archon convention.
Went to Pixelpop convention.
Bought a cell phone.
I cut my long hair off, first time my hairs been this short in about 8 years.
Wrote consistently in a journal everyday.
Took a solo trip to Ren Fest.
Watched presidential debates.
Took a solo trip to Eckert’s farm and fed goats.
Had a train derail near my house.
Went on a field trip with my school to an orchard.
Acted as a monster on a haunted trail.
Went to a one man circus show.
Participated in a 24-hour new play festival with PRIME.
Voted and lost.
Saw Fantastic Beasts and loved it.
Went to Thanksgiving with my cousin and played with his kids.
Went to Mexican lunch the day after Thanksgiving with my friends, and then went to a party with my other friends after.
Had a fun moment where my mother and I both bought each other the same book because we both thought the other would like it.
Got inspired by a coworker to do better.
Enjoyed Christmas where my uncle surprised everyone by coming in as Santa.
Played PS VR Batman when my friend let me borrow it.
Went to Rogue One with the fam.
I wrote 48+ blog posts.
Spent New Years helping a friend get his computer fixed.
Went an entire year without MacDonalds or Taco Bell or much fast food at all.

2016 was not the best year, but it had highlights. I kept busy. I had adventures and enjoyed time with friends and family. I got stuck in routine, though, and I need to work on that. I’m not happy with the election results, obviously, but at least it will be interesting. 

 Looks forward to 2017, I hope to make some big changes. Also, I MUST finish editing my book. No question, I will. I’m almost there. I hate how much my job gets in the way at me doing something I’m legit good at. I’m an artist, and that’s what I want to focus on this next year.
2015's accomplishments